is it spring yet?


the equinox was just a few days ago, a reminder of the constantly shifting seasons and an opportunity to shed the heaviness and sow the seeds of light.
it’s cold and gray out today. it has been for a while now. but somehow i know spring is here.
or at the very least i feel it coming up inside of me, breaking through the silence.

i’ve been silent for a long time.
too long.
now i want to hear the sound of my own voice and share it with you.
i want to hear yours too and have a conversation.


in the last few weeks i’ve taken some leaps of faith. i’ve decided to plant some seeds and let them flourish with the promise of spring.
i’ve been getting creative again.
i’ve been spending some time in the kitchen, falling in love again with dates and coconuts and my kick-ass new ninja blender.
i’ve decided to go back to my guitar lessons. i have this vision of me playing around a campfire. i’m singing some Beatle’s song and my long blond hair is flowing in the summer breeze… funny if you know me, curly dark hair and all.

in any case, i’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone and trusting that i will land well. i’ve been talking myself into doing things i’ve been tentative about in the past.
so last week, i sent in two articles to elephant journal and they’ve been published! it has been my own little success story (yay me!). it’s been a lesson in trusting that what i have to say is important… or, at the very least, interesting to some. (thanks for reading mom!)

so this small journey has lead me here. i wanted to create a place where i can write a few things and perhaps we can have a little conversation, do a little dance, spread a little love!

if you’d like to read what i’ve written, you can do it here:
the dichotomy of silence
and here:
moving train: now here bound

let me know what you think!
and tell me what seeds you are planting this spring.